What We Do

“Hot Diskon” is the place to come in order to find the best location based coupons and deals available to you. We gather daily deals and geo-locational coupons and list them in one convenient place so that whatever you are interested in we have a discount for you. We offer unbeatable deals for restaurants, services, online shopping, events, leisure, activities, beauty, hygiene and many other categories. Our aims are to save you as much time and money as possible while still allowing you to experience life as it should be, provide you with the best experience when it comes to finding discounts in your local area and managing them once you have found them. Our intuitive platform allows you to:

  • Find deals and coupons based on your current location
  • Keep track of deals you are interested in through a “Watch-list” that helps you keep an eye on deals you are interested in and decide whether to purchase
  • Alert yourself so that you don’t forget to use a deal coupon ever again. We can also alert you when your watch-listed deals are about to end so you can decide whether you want to buy or not
  • Store your deals and coupons so you have them available whenever you need them. Never print another coupon again
  • Personalize your deals list so that you only see the deals that you are interested in. You can filter based on your city, favourite categories and even specify keywords such as golf or karaoke